Success Habits for your Home-Based Business


Remember when building your business, there is a “Building Phase”!   It might feel like it takes forever to reap the harvest, but keep sowing seeds, persevere, and don’t expect them all to grow, because the sun will scorch some of them.  You cannot sow 2 seeds and expect a big harvest.  The 80/20 rule is alive and well here, so plant seeds every day if want your business to THRIVE!


Vision Board
Get clear on what you DESIRE
Write your "I AM" statements

Cultivating Mindset~self talk
Observe/catch your thoughts
Evaluate the accuracy of your thoughts
Reframe your thoughts

Renewing Your Spirit
Listen to or watch motivational videos, CDs, & training calls
Praying & meditating
Go out into nature

Let GO of Rejections
Take the focus off yourself
Don’t take it personally

Have Courage
Take consistent action
Go beyond your comfort zone

Practice Perseverance
”Just don’t quit
Plant seeds daily
Follow up!