7 Tips to Feel GREAT Everyday!


1. Take time daily by yourself, close your eyes, and SEE a life you want for yourself in the next 12 months! I PROMISE…this WILL re-wire your brain to SEEING a brighter future you deserve!

2. Plan A Specific Trip! Make it dreamy and think about it daily!

3. GO outside and time 4 minutes to SEE the trees moving and HEAR nature in motion. (Yes, look at your clock!) This I GUARANTEE will calm your spirit and make you appreciate THE MOMENT you are in! (I do this when I walk/run. I focus on the trees in front of me and see them move. Additionally, I HEAR the sounds around me! LEARN…to erase your mind of all the “things” you have TO-DO!)

4. This is not an EGO thing…but be proud of YOU! Practice looking at YOURSELF in the mirror and practice your best SMILE! The more you practice seeing your SMILE and which one looks best, the more you LIKE the look! AND…I GUARANTEE you will start using this face when around others! You will attract others to you!

5. SLEEP MORE! I know a lot of people that are depressed. RESTING is when the body heals itself! GET MORE OF IT and experience ENERGY in the days ahead!!!

6. Practice “THINKING” daily what you are GRATEFUL for! The more you appreciate where YOU are in your present moments, the more you appreciate the LIFE you are given to LIVE!

7. HELP OTHERS…at least 2 hours weekly! Whatever it takes…shift your focus NOW to helping others NOW! This also will help YOU feel GREAT about who you are!

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