How to Have More Confidence


It's so easy to say "just have more confidence"...but who can really deny that uncomfortable ugly feeling of uncertainty that dwells deep inside when you're challenged beyond what you know?

This has been my whole life....until I learned the secret of where this stems from.

You see, this is how my brain played tricks on me to keep me playing small in life: To keep me "safe". "Safe" from being made fun of or from getting embarrassed...."Safe" from saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, failing, having people laugh at me. Oh and I hid in that shell!

On the outside, I appeared successful and confident, but on the inside fear challenged my every move.

Sure, it's definitely more comfortable and safe to never take yourself on, to never become aware, to never really grow. In fact, I do not recommend it. Because if you do, you just might experience freedom, purpose, ease, partnership, love, vitality and fulfillment. Heck, you might even find and fulfill passions or purpose you don't even know you've been gifted with!!

I will say this... when I said "adios" to all those irrational feelings, it became a mindset (and life-changing) shift.

You are whole, perfect, complete, just the way you are. Don't let the world, or even your own inner voice tell you differently. You are important! You matter!