Comparison is a Thief


Comparison is a thief. 

Not just a thief of joy, like the sayings go... but I’ve seen comparison steal businesses, friendships, marriages, and more. 

Especially on social media. 


As you’re watching others through the lens of social media, realize you’re seeing what they CHOOSE to show you.  In most cases, it’s their best angle best version of themselves and the highlight reel of their life.  

What you’re not seeing is the argument they just had with a preteen, the dirty socks on the kitchen counter (like, seriously?), or the messy office.  

You’re not seeing them cry in the shower due to stress, you’re not hearing them call their best friend to snap back to reality, or smelling the burned dinner in their oven for the 3rd time this week. 

What you’re seeing is seconds worth of a 24 hour day. 

So, the next time you catch yourself comparing to someone’s highlights...
Remember who YOU are.
Remember whose you are.  
Remember your purpose. 

We can be different and still celebrate each other’s highlight reel, knowing that’s only a piece of the story. Right? Who’s with me?