Creating your Success Plan


You hear me talk about journaling a lot, but let me clarify something important.

Journaling is not like writing in your diary when you were 8, documenting what you ate for lunch (that's Instagram, for some people, ha) or how you have a crush on Johnny but he doesn't even notice you.

Journaling is not just wistfully writing into your journal and hoping that your journal-fairy sprinkles magic success dust over your life and ✨ ta-daaa ✨ you’re now successful!

Ahhh no.

What it is, however, is documenting what’s working, what’s not working, what you feel, why you feel that way, owning it, overcoming it, and speaking affirmations over yourself based on what you want to see.

It is, quite literally, a PLAN.

Many times, journaling is a healing process. 

And painful. Many times, you’ll need to rely on the full armor of God to look straight in the face of that pain and say, “I OWN YOU.” And mean it.

Through the bouts of pain, you’ll look back and discover that the secrets to your success was WITHIN YOU the entire time.

You simply needed to unlock that part of you by releasing what was keeping it covered up.

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