What does it take to Become a Millionaire?

What does it take to build a multi-million dollar income?

I will tell you.


It took massive vision and faith. And it wouldn’t happen with vision and faith alone... All out massive action was a non-negotiable!

Here’s one thing I am embarrassed to share, but it’s just who I am:

My work space is a MESS!

Piles here, there, and everywhere.
It’s even a joke in my family.

However, if I allowed my energy to go there and get fractured all over the place I wouldn’t be serving at my highest level. I could fall apart over how messy my life can be, but where would that get me?

So instead, I got over my belief that it was selfish and lazy to DELEGATE and I hired someone who is great at organizing, finds it easy to do, and who actually enjoys it!

I even hired a personal stylist/shopper. She is a whiz and takes away my anxiety and stress as I prepare for live events, leader retreats, photo shoots, and traveling. She helps me figure out what to wear and what to pack so it's one less thing I stress over. (Love you Kate Taylor, Personal & Brand Stylist😘)

No matter where you are in your business right now, it’s time to delegate what doesn’t require your personality! When I first started in network marketing, we were 6-figures in debt, but I hired a neighbor to come in and do our laundry.

It's not crazy - it's smart business. I made a goal to earn a full-time income working part time hours. Because I used my work-time ONLY for income producing activities, I hit that goal within 90 days and could start to breathe.

I delegate and outsource as many tasks as possible. This gives work opportunities to those who truly love doing those tasks, and it frees me up to serve within MY super power.

MILLIONAIRE TIP: When you delegate and outsource, you are LITERALLY buying yourself TIME. And time is the most valuable asset you have! Being able to buy it, is priceless!

i ღ you.

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