A gift awaits you


Have you ever felt like you should say something after a conversation is over, but the chance is gone? ‍ 

Or felt a pull towards something, but resisted? 

Have you ever "sat on the sidelines" and kicked yourself for not being "in the game"? 

What if we leaned into those moments with trust instead of pulling away in fear? Imagine the possibilities!

This past weekend, I traveled to Asheville to hold a mindset retreat with my team. ️ I knew it would be powerful and visceral, but I wasn't fully prepared for how I personally received the blessings of helping others step into their greatness.  

And isn't that the greatest position to be in? To help others while we help ourselves?  

It's a win - win!!

The men and women at this retreat showed up.

... really showed up. There was no "agenda" sent out beforehand, no book to buy, or preparation material. The courage it took to even make the time to come, to invest in themselves, and to walk through those doors was immense. And I could see the vulnerability and even guarded emotions on their faces as we started our day. But as the day went on, walls came down, barriers dissolved, and tears were shed. Tears of joy, relief, resonation... tears of change. 

Those who show up, go up.  For so many people, it's not a priority to invest in themselves. We think that pouring into others is where the change happens.  But we cannot expect to show others how to level up when we don't know how, ourselves. Look inward.  Return to yourself. Return to love. ️ Sometimes you have to do this to reset and refresh all those "open tabs" in your mind.

A shift happened in that room this past weekend.  I felt it and saw it. And those that apply what they learned WILL level up. There is no greater joy than helping others realize and reach their greatest potential. 

God really does have a gift for you....a box of blessings with YOUR NAME on it.  

How do you get it? 

Show up... be open to receiving His blessings... and participate in the conversation.

Don't miss the opportunity next time! You are worth it!