Speak Life! You never know who's watching...


My friend’s sweet girl Wyllow Ann came to visit us last week.  

This little ball of sunshine, so pure and happy, made me stop and realize what an opportunity we have to be a light in someone's life, no matter how young they are.  I like to think of these little ones as flowers. 

And what does a flower need to grow and flourish? 


They need to be nurtured, cared for, watered, cultivated with loving hands... 

And it's a proven natural phenomenon that plants flourish when they are in a happy environment, being talked to positively, on a daily basis.

It's funny to think that raising a child to be strong and happy is a simple as raising flower. And while raising little humans is definitely more complicated, the concept is the same. 

Just as a sunflower turns its face to the sun for light and warmth, these little ones are turning their faces to us, watching, learning, soaking up everything we do and say.  

  • Don't ever hesitate to tell a child how wonderful they are, every single day. 
  • Speak positive words over them and see how they flourish.  
  • Love your body (even if its flawed) so that they will love theirs.  
  • Treat others kindly so that they will do the same. 
  • Teach them that it is fulfilling to give and always more fun to share. 

Don't ever waste an opportunity to give a child the gift of your belief in them.  

We must make them feel safe and wanted while instilling the belief that they can be anyone they want to be. And we do this by being our highest selves around these little sponges.

It's a great responsibility but the reward is even greater. 
The world always needs more flowers and you can help them grow!