The POWER of Residual Income

As I write this, I am recovering from having gallbladder surgery, as the doctors and specialists try to pin-point what my stomach pain is coming from. I am making plans for more specialists to see me at Mayo Clinic, but as I am recovering, I was contemplating how grateful I am to be able to rest without worry…

And it dawned on me…

The blessing of my business in my company, and the residual income I have built with our team, is so POWERFUL!

You all - I haven’t really “worked” my business for over 4 months because of my health challenges. Four months! And yet, my weekly checks that are more than 5 figures every week, keep coming in every Tuesday. My company is supporting me, encouraging me, the CEOs are calling me to share their prayers for me, and my team is growing and thriving.

That is so powerful for my healing to not have to worry or stress over finances!

I am not saying this to sound boastful, I am saying this to PLEAD WITH YOU to build your business bigger!

When you’re sick or in poor health, you want residual income to keep coming in to provide the financial security to do what you need to do!

Do it for your FUTURE!

I love you.

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