Embrace the REAL You!

I am a creator - by design!

Some (even I) may call it “easily distracted” or “unfocused” but that is not the truth.

I am a creator. What may seem like silence, solitude, or “scatterbrained”... becomes creative thinking and BIG planning! It lights me up to create, build, launch, and envision the constant growth I want for myself, my family, and my business.

I’ve learned to embrace the gifts and talents that God (our ultimate Creator) blessed me with, instead of pushing back and trying to fit into a box. I am abstract, passionate, empathetic, heart-led, spirit-filled, and soulful.

And I am embracing all of it!

It has taken me time to work through seeing my gifts as a blessing rather than a burden.

How about you? What part of your personality can you work on allowing to breathe and come to life?

Share in the comments.
I’d love to know!

PS: if you haven’t yet, be sure to click the link in my bio and download “Soul Purpose”, my ebook workbook. It’s so good, especially if you’re stuck or unsure of what really lights you up. As you work through it, tag me in your stories! I’d love to support you! 💕

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