Don't dim your light!

Your dreams are more important than other people’s opinions!


I'm sure you have heard motivational speakers say,"your dreams are more important than other people’s opinions.”

It’s certainly easier to read those words and nod your head along in agreement than to actually LIVE them out isn't it?

We do a communal rally-cry of sisterhood and shout: "HECK YA! My dreams are important! I will not be silenced! Who cares what 'they' think or say about me!

...and then, as we emerge from our princess warrior bubble, it hits us:

What if I really do care?

I feel you, sister.

Other people’s opinions can get the best of us if we’re not careful.

There will ALWAYS be nay-sayers along the path to success.

The reality is... some people want you to dim your light because THEY are afraid to shine.

If someone is telling you to do anything other than shine bright, those aren't your people!

The sooner you learn to tune them out, the happier you will be!

Don’t dim your light just because others are afraid to shine!

People want the authentic version of YOU.

The you that they can see themselves becoming friends with.

The you that they can trust.

The you that is real and transparent.

People want to vibe with a tribe that’s REAL through it all including the dreams, screams, and in-betweens!

The crazy part of it all, is that you will attract an amazing tribe of people to you, with way less friction and effort, when you are just... YOU.

Stepping through the wall of your fears and into the abundance of what God has called you to be is quite often the scariest move you'll make. But, worth it.

Is this something you’ve dealt with before? Have you ever caught yourself dimming your light so that others wouldn't talk about how brightly you shine?

Comment below — I’d love to hear!