Building your network marketing team online vs. offline


Have you ever thought about this incredible world we live in where with one click of a button we can connect with people around the entire world?!

I run my business online and through my phone, many times using video to have “face to face” conversations and trainings with our team. It never gets old being able to connect with hundreds of people through an online device!



Let me assure you, that NOTHING beats the face-to-face relationships you’ll build when you physically are present with your team. The power of a hug or a handshake is huge.

That is why I host Team Retreats several times per year to train, equip, empower, and uplevel our team in mind, body, and spirit. We are literally building a tribe.

We pray together, eat together, train together.

Together, we rise.

Running a multi-million dollar business from home isn’t always EASY, but let me tell you, I sure feel BLESSED every single second of it all!

Whether we connect online or in person, near or far, I am grateful for you all!