Becoming a Network Marketing Millionaire

Becoming a Millionaire in NWM took focus, learning, and action.

Lots of action!

It also required tuning out the noise and distractions.

Are you scrolling social media or are you reading & learning?

I have seen many people read non-stop, and they’re even reading the right things… but the ONE THING that makes the difference is that you must IMPLEMENT what you learn. You can read, listen to audio or both! Build a leadership/personal development library.

Think about what you are consuming.  

I AM ... mindful of not only what you feed my body, but also what I feed my MIND!

Like anyone that wants to become better at their profession, I have to constantly hone my skills.

Sales & Leadership are not passive skills. They are learned skills that must be a conscious choice to master. It’s time for me to go to the next level of my potential- I am challenging myself to read a book a day! 📚 

Some of my favorites books for growing a network marketing business are:

Think & Grow Rich: network marketing edition
The Compound Effect:  Darren Hardy 
First Year in Network Marketing: Mark Yarnell
High Performance Habits: Brendon Burchard
5 Second Rule: Mel Robbins
Girl Wash Your Face: Rachel Hollis 
Go Pro: Eric Worre
The Big Leap: Gay Hendricks

I am determined and focused on improving my skills so that I can pour those skills out by teaching and training my team!

What are YOU reading right now? Let me know!

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