You can transform your life!

When I look at these 2 pictures, I can’t even believe this is me in both pictures.


The old picture is from years ago. My boys were in diapers, we moved across the country where we knew no one.

I was so lonely, sad and miserable and I reallllly didn’t like myself. We were sooo in debt, had lived on food stamps twice already. I tried coloring my hair myself with a box of dye from Walmart... and the pic shows I didn’t do it right! 🙈 and honestly I couldn’t even muster up the energy to care, let alone fix it.


I can see it in my eyes.

It was a really rough time, and I hated looking in the mirror because I felt so pathetic and inadequate.

Our marriage was on the rocks, but we were both too busy and exhausted to face it.

One day, I woke up and bawled my eyes out and prayed that God show me a way out!

Did He ever!

It started with Premium Nutrition, which got me feeling better, so I could get some control over the runaway train called my brain. Lol!!

Wherever you are at today is a starting point.

Don’t give up!!
Choose to learn & grow.
You can transform your life!!

I Am A Thriver. A Survivor. A Pioneer. A Millionaire. A spiritual, gifted, heart-led leader!

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Do you want to transform your life?

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