Suffering in Silence NO MORE about chronic illness

I want to share sooo much with you all about my health but don’t even know where to start.


For YEARS I have had serious health problems when traveling but I loved to travel. I just thought it was because I was sensitive had anxiety, food allergies, you know... Needed to do more meditation and journaling and yoga and forgiveness exercises and use more essential oils and and and.....

You guys know, many of you have traveled with me or attended our retreats and I would share how sick I felt, but I would push through and show up anyway because I’m sooo dedicated to you and your growth.

This year, though, I decided stepping back was no longer an option. I felt like I was suffocating and slowly dying, I have cried a million tears in the darkness/sleepless nights. Wondering what in the universe is wrong with me.

Friends would remind me not to take other’s opinions personally and meditate more.

My sister said she thought I was being slowly poisoned.

And yes, that’s how it felt.

I would literally block an entire week off my calendar after a trip to recover and would spend a lot of that time in bed with nooo energy & headaches. Then the stomach pains started and the horrible GI problems. The insomnia grew worse, so did the anxiety.


I finally went in for more tests (I had initially gone in almost 3 years ago-they diagnosed and treated me for ulcers-I should have asked for proof that I had ulcers...) this spring.

So many questions.

So many negative tests.

That’s a good thing but when you feel like shit and can barely function, no answers are really frustrating!

My empathy has exploded for people that suffer silently.

I’m going to continue to share my story but can do small bits at a time right now. Brain fog is a real challenge for me. I will be sharing bits of my story and eventually write a book. It will save someone so much pain and frustration and money and self doubt. I’m confident in that.

(To be continued…)

This 1st picture is from 2015 in CO. 
The 2nd pic is from Mayo June, 2019.

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