Self Care Routines for Moms

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Moms… sometimes we can get into a bit of tunnel-vision of taking care of OTHERS, and in constant go-go-go mode…that we quite literally forget to slow down and breathe.

Have you noticed this?

Do you ever find yourself saying that the reason WHY you cannot take care of yourself (or work your home based network marketing business) is because of your family?

I want to challenge you to make your reason why not, the reason why you must!


Self-care does not necessarily need to be vacations, expensive dinners, or spa treatments.

It could literally mean taking a 20 minute walk around the block. Spending 5 extra minutes to put a cleansing mask on your face. Taking the time to get dressed and put yourself together even if you’re not going anywhere. Take high quality premium supplements and fuel your body with nutrition first thing in the morning.

Too many moms put their needs last. Instead of spending the time or money to get what they need to fill their soul (or nourish their bodies), they pour everything they have onto others and accept the leftovers.

Why is that? Is it the desire to feel like a martyr? Is it noble? Is it an excuse?

Whatever the reason, we as moms need to learn to fill our own cup FIRST. The ironic thing is, when we do this, we end up with MORE to pour out for others.

How do you practice self love?

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