Our XPT Experience with Gabby Reece and Laird Hamilton

This was a trip of a lifetime!

Every year, we spend several weeks in Hawaii, but this time, Rob signed up for the XPT Experience with Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece! I got to participate in one of the workouts and meet so many great people. We had so much fun!

Laird & Gabby have been huge inspirations for both Rob and I for as long as we can remember. How awesome it was to get to work out with them. They are both so inspiring and SO FIT! LOL!

The room was packed, as it was their last free community workout in that space (the property with the gym had recently sold) and there were tears shed. You could see how connected they were to the community. It was very inspiring.


Gabby demonstrated the "stations" with the help of the local Crossfit instructors. Then, they turned up the music and everyone went to work. We changed stations for over an hour. It was wayyyyy different than my regular workouts and it was really fun! Everyone was smiling and sweating a ton!


Hawaii is VERY humid! I even took off my shirt I was so hot (that just doesn't happen in MT). Our boys worked out as well. Their faces were beet red! LOL.

At the end of the workout, the yoga mats came out, and Antoine Woody played the wood flute & didgeridoo as Laird led us in breath work. That was about 30 minutes of focused breathing…long, slow, deep, breaths and then periods of rapid breathing and breath holding.

I would do that class anytime to listen to the music.

It was magical.

It resonated!

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