How to Get Unstuck


6 Phenomenal Growth Opportunities

1. Be Excited for Others Successes
You must find joy and happiness in seeing other succeed. It’s so incredibly important to find joy in the success of others, when you feel proud, excited and joyful when you see a friend, family member or anyone have any amount of success, it can come right back to you!

2. Stop Comparing
We all know that anything anyone posts on social media is just a highlight reel.. What we put out on the internet is what we want to be portrayed as so It’s so unfair to yourself to look at others “lives” and compare yours to that.

3. Be Happy, Get Happy...
Happiness is just a decision away. What happens in your life good or bad is just a situation and you have the choice of how you feel about that situation. Understand that happiness attracts happiness. What you put out, comes back.

4. Drop The Ego
Sorry if this was a little sting in your spirit but the moment when you let go of ego, and you work from your heart, is the moment you feel free and living in your purpose. 

5. Define Your Why
In business, I find this important. When your why is for others, and it’s your heart to improve the lives of other human beings, you will begin to thrive. Your why should make you emotional, excited, driven and that feeling of excitement when you wake up.

6. Understand Your Worth
You CANNOT base your worth on someone else’s opinion... Do not let what other people think or say about you, hold you back from going after your goals or dreams… Build your dream board, move fearlessly toward your goals and understand that what other people say about you or your ideas does not determine your result. But realize that I do believe in you!

Hope this post helped you all and motivates you to move forward with whatever goals, dreams or desires you have!