Fasting 101 - how to get started

Fasting has many health benefits. Physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual.

Allows the body to rest and repair
Balances insulin
Gives the gut a break from constantly digesting food
Immune system scavenges unhealthy, excess, and precancerous cells and recycles nutrients for new healthy cells

More focus and clear-thinking
Better sleep
Decreasing cravings
More time to be productive and get more done in your day

Overcoming the attachment to food as a reward vs. fuel
Increase your willpower
Lessening food addiction and temptations
Strengthen your feelings around food and identifying wants vs. needs

Connecting with your higher power/source/God/Universe on a deeper level
Appreciating your body for the miracle that it is

How to start Fasting - NEWBIE

If you are a NEWBIE to fasting… your plan will be Intermittent Fasting.

Eat an early dinner (around 5pm)
Fast until 10am (eat)
After your 10am break-fast, see if you can make it until an early dinner

Free choice: herbal tea (no sweetener/no sweet tea) and water

GOAL:12-14 hours fasting, longer is better

How to start Fasting - EXPERIENCED

If you are EXPERIENCED in fasting, you will fast from 7 pm Sunday night until an early dinner on Monday.
I made it till 3pm during my fast this week!

Free choice: herbal tea (no sweetener/no sweet tea) and water

GOAL: 18+ hours fasting, you can do it!!!!!!

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