BEFORE success was struggle


What you DON’T see.

I found this picture today on my phone from back in the day when I first started my network marketing business and our nutritional products.

I had to share it with you all because many of you met me after I started my current business, after we paid off all of our debt, and after we were recognized as millionaires in our network marketing company.


I want to share about BEFORE.

At the time of this picture, we didn’t even have enough money to pay our bills, so we always kept the house at 60°. It was so cold, I had to wear that jacket all the time.

Also do you see those carpet squares? That was the first “rug” that I ever bought. Notice I didn’t even buy a rug — I bought carpet squares to save money.

I know that because of what you may see on social media, it may seem that there was luck involved in my success, or a huge list, or timing.

Not exactly.

It was doing calls from a cold house, with two small boys that I home-schooled, while my husband worked, and with over $100,000 of debt looming over our heads.

It was consistency, prospecting, rejection, calls, follow ups, events, showing up even when it wasn’t convenient, and sharing my experience on video. It was WORK.

I say all this (and show you this super non-glamorous picture) to remind you to STOP comparing YOUR chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20!


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