3 Traits of Six-Figure Earners

3 Traits of Six-Figure Earners

As a success coach and 7-figure earner in network marketing, I have been working with 6 and 7 figure earners for several years now. While ALL of them have different personality types, MANY of them have similar traits!

I am excited to share 3 of the traits I have noticed that the top income earners have, and how you can apply these traits to your own business!

1. They take ownership of their feelings

Don’t play the blame game, or take on a victim mentality.
Too often, people tend to blame their upline, their sponsor, their team, the comp plan, the economy, their “small town”, etc.

If you are going to become a top earner, take ownership of how you feel.

Be proactive not reactive. If you know what’s “causing” the challenge, what can YOU DO to overcome it?

What were the emotional triggers in your business today?
How can you move past it?

2. They have a strategy for when things don't go their way

The reality is, is that in ANY BUSINESS, you will face challenges (technology, other people’s actions (or inaction), unrealistic expectations, etc). Face it now… it WILL happen.

The question becomes… how will YOU respond to it? How will YOU overcome it? How will YOU take ownership of what YOU can control?

3. They set themselves up with a morning routine that supports success


My “miracle morning” is really simple, but, you’d be amazed how many people don’t have a routine!

Here’s mine, and you’re welcome to do this:

  • Don’t pick up your phone for the first hour of the day.

  • DO personal development (mindset, belief, spiritual, sales, social media, etc)

  • Light a candle and get out your journal

  • Meditation

  • Yoga, stretching, or priming

  • I take premium supplements in the morning that give me energy, mental clarity, and help me feel GREAT all day.

  • Nutrition that is good for me all day - I make choices to FUEL my body

  • WATER!!!

THINK: How would a 6 figure earner show up in her/his day?

Show up like him/her BEFORE you're a 6 figure earner.

Friend, you can change the future & legacy for many when you stop playing small and show up BIG!

Dare to DREAM again!! I believe in you!

I recorded this quick video for you…

Do you have these traits?
Do you have a “success” routine for your mornings?
I’d love to hear from you!

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