Business BOOT CAMP for BRILLIANT Female Entrepreneurs.

You have the passion. You have experienced the success.
Everyone tells you that you are "so good!" and that you should package your skill-set, business and
productivity hacks, and drive... and offer it to the world.

And you've been thinking...

"HECK YES!  But, HOW!?"

Where do I start?
What is my offer?
How do I put it all together so it makes sense?
Who would buy it?

The struggle is real. But it doesn't need to be.

Like you, we have listened to countless coaches, gurus, and mentors.
We have read hundreds of books.
We have gone to the seminars.
We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on experts.

And we have cracked the code.

Now, we've trimmed the fat, collaborated on proven methods,
and we're excited to save YOU time and money.  

Give us 8 weeks.
We will help you get into profit!  


8 Weeks to Profit Boot Camp

  • Millionaire Mindset:  Get into the mind of millionaires to learn not just what they do... but how they THINK, and how you can implement this mindset NOW. It isn’t so much about a business “model” or “system” but more so about a business MINDSET!!! To have the mental toughness to have a long term vision!
  • Define your Offer:  We will take your offer and hone in on what makes it a genius offer, critique the offer, and show you how to literally become a magnet for your ideal client to find you.

  • Going LIVE:  We will teach you the in's and out's of Facebook LIVE, and the proven strategies to make it the most engaging, influential, and income producing activity you've ever done.
  • Making the Offer: Discover the BEST ways to package your offer and learn the BIG MISTAKES most coaches would tell you to do. This one lesson alone could potentially save you hundreds of hours and THOUSANDS of dollars! 
  • Sacred Sales: Develop a sales flow that lights you up, honors your feminine intuition, and produces massive results for you and your ideal client.  
  • Group Program:  Now it's time to Mastermind! We will introduce you to the most simple way of launching your Group and how to foster a community and culture of clients that adore the process as they learn.
  • Implementation:  All of the pieces come together, as we package your Brilliant Business together and help women see their visions come to life with YOUR help! 
  • Wrap Up:  Clink-Clink-Celebrate!  We are 8 weeks into Profit, and as we wrap up, we'll take your business to the next level and fill in any gaps to ensure you get the MOST from this boot camp!

What You'll Get:

8 Weeks to Profit: Full 8-week Boot Camp Course with Elise Lininger and Wendy Gendreau
Prep Work: take the pulse of where your business is currently, where you want it to be, and what has been holding it back until now. 
6 Modules to catapult you into profits fast!
Implementation & Wrap Up - getting you into ACTION with our help!
Invitation to private Facebook Group for Boot Campers
VIP Invitation to Events, Masterminds, and Retreats
...and more surprises along the way!  ;-)


Your Boot Camp Coaches


Elise Lininger

From struggling teacher to seven-figures a year, Elise is a master of implementation and getting things done!  
Elise runs a multi-million dollar business online and is passionate about coaching spirited women entrepreneurs to help them
uplevel their mindset, see bigger possibilities, and fulfill their soul purpose.  Elise and her husband Rob enjoy traveling the world,
philanthropy, homeschooling their two boys, and playing with on their horses on their ranch in Montana.
Elise is a widely sought after speaker and coach that is known for her "Ignition calls" where she lights the fire
to help women in business get unstuck so that they may step into their calling and soul purpose. 

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Wendy Gendreau

Wendy Gendreau is a Transformational Leadership & Business Coach who, along with her husband Andrew,
runs one of the most well-loved retail franchise stores in North Dakota in addition to leading a multi-million dollar online business.
Wendy is passionate about coaching female entrepreneurs who desire to transform their money situation, overcome obstacles,
and create balance between family & business without the chaos and burnout that so many women entrepreneurs face today.  
Wendy is known for sharing brilliant productivity and mindset hacks with her clients to save them time, money, and stress.
She loves traveling and coaching women around the world while raising and homeschooling 5 (yes, five!) kids under the age of 9!

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